We opened our door in October 2020, during the pandemic. Eric was tired of sitting at home, waiting for things to be over. We’d been looking around for a good shop space in Hebden Bridge for a while and by luck or providence we saw that 14 Market Street was going to be available. We  didn’t have to think very long before taking the plunge.

Hebden Bridge is the perfect place for the kind of shop we had in mind. We’ve lived in Calderdale for ten years and we’ve always loved to visit this great town. We want to be a shop for locals and for visitors and, through the website, for the wider world. 

We’re focused on quality, not quantity. We want everything in our shop to be exceptional, unusual and delightful.


One side of the shop is covered in original posters from May 1882. It used to be an exterior wall and locals put up posters for political events, sermons and daytrips to Blackpool (departure time 4:30AM!)

When this shop was built, the wall was covered up and forgotten about for 140 years. Ten years ago, it was all uncovered again and now gives us this unique slice of local history. Come and have a look, it’s pretty special!