For many years, I have been curating content on social media. I try to capture anything and everything that is interesting and beautiful about Islamic geometric design, and Islamic art more widely.

 When the 2020 COVID crisis hit, I realised that I would be travelling less and would be delivering fewer and smaller workshops in the future. I had to reinvent my business model.

I’ve worked in retail for many years, first in a bookshop in Amsterdam, then in a bookshop in London. I wrote my books while I was working in sales for an academic publisher in the UK. I love the interaction with customers, the challenge of finding the right thing, creating visual excitement in a shop.

 So, I found a great shop in Hebden Bridge, a town near my home. Hebden Bridge is a special place, it attracts people from all over the world. It’s in a beautiful green valley in Yorkshire, with a canal and a river that flow through it, hills on all sides. It’s full on independent shops. My shop unit is one of the most historic in town, one of the walls is covered with original posters from May 1882, when the it was an exterior wall. It has miraculously survived.

 In the shop, I sell homeware and gifts from the Middle East, North Africa and Europe. Come and visit us! Hebden Bridge is great day out.