About BROUG’s

We opened in October 2020, between Covid lockdowns. We wanted to sell beautiful things from around the world, (except from the UK because that is what the other shops already do!) We sell things you haven’t seen before or you didn’t even know you wanted until you saw them in our shop.

Eric’s from Holland, Kalwa is from Zambia. We’ve lived in West Yorkshire for over ten years, it’s our home. Even before we had a shop we always visited Hebden Bridge, so we didn’t have to think very hard when 14 Market Street became available.  We live nearby and it is always a great place to visit, rain or shine.

Before COVID, Eric travelled the world giving workshops on Islamic geometric design (You can buy his books in the shop and he’ll sign them for you!). He misses the teaching but loves his new world of chatting to customers and finding things they might like. Eric also does public art, when the opportunity comes along. On the left is a photo of a large ceramic composition he made in Dewsbury (4×9 meters in water jet cut ceramics.

Eric’s also writing a new book for his publisher Thames & Hudson: a big coffeetable book on Islamic architecture. Most of the work happens before shop  opening times and sometimes also when it’s quiet in the shop.

Kalwa works for the NHS in Manchester. We love our new retail adventure; learning about what customers like, where to get unusual products, building relationships with the people who visit our shop and with our suppliers around the world.

Our Shop

14 Market Street
Hebden Bridge
West Yorkshire

Phone: +44 (0) 1422 847130
Email: sales@brougs.shop

Shop Hours

Tuesday to Saturday  10am–4:30pm
Sunday & Monday closed (sorry!)

Some local history, right in our shop

14 Market Street is one of the most historic shops in Hebden Bridge. It still has the original wooden ceiling, plaster coving and most amazingly, a wall with posters from 1882!  It used to be an exterior wall and locals put up posters for political events, sermons and daytrips to Blackpool (departure time 4:30AM!)

When the shop was built, the wall was covered up and forgotten about for 140 years. Ten years ago, it was all uncovered again and now gives us this unique slice of local history. Come and have a look, it’s pretty special!

Originally the shop was a Dewhurst butcher shop, part of the nationwide chain.

How we do it..

We’re always looking for new things for you. This can be a new product range or just one beautiful item that will make a customer happy. We import our products ourselves whenever we can, and if we know what we want and we can’t find, we might even make it ourselves! We want every visit to our shop to give you a new experience. We keep our website fresh with our new products and finds so that, if you can’t come to Hebden Bridge, you can still be part of the shop experience.

Our Passion

In our shop you can buy things you want, not things you need. Beautiful things from around the world that you didn’t know were available until you saw them in our shop. This is our passion: to find, and make, exceptional and beautiful things for you.

Our Experience

We take our inspiration from the many homeware and gift shops you can see across continental Europe: independent shops that sell nice things for your home.  We have added our own twist to this. We consider the world our home and we want to give our customers the opportunity to buy something beautiful from a faraway country.


Our formula: We love to travel + we love beautiful things + we love our customers. Result: our shop.

Come and find what we have.