Rose petals by Bahadourian from Lyon. Bahadourian has been providing herbs and spices to the French restaurant trade for decades. Great quality, cute tin!

Ingredients: Rose petals Contents: 15 grams

Beautiful to look at, the rosebuds will transport you to a flower garden as soon as the package is opened. Their lemony and floral fragrance is a pure delight. The rose has been used for a very long time in cooking. We used the petals to flavor wines, almond paste, lokoums …

Rosebuds are sometimes used as a spice. Almost never used alone, they are part of different spice blends, the most famous of which is perhaps ras-el-hanout. They are also found in a mixture less known in Europe, “baharat”, traditionally made up of equal parts of cinnamon and crushed rosebuds, but the proportions may vary from one region to another. This mixture is a classic condiment for couscous, it will then be added to the cooked semolina, before drizzling with the latter with broth. Several dishes gain in originality and finesse thanks to the rosebuds rubbed on the mutton, in association with other spices. We almost forget that the buds of this mythical flower that is the rose will perfume custard, sorbets and marmalades, or a simple tea. Finally, let’s not neglect the decorative touch that rosebuds will add to a pretty table!