Saffron and Sumac by Ghillie Hasan

From the aromatic tagines of Morocco, to the sweet and sticky pastries that are a legacy of the Ottoman empire, explore the food and rich culinary traditions of the Middle East and the Maghreb with 65 authentic recipes.

The fragrant flavours of the Middle East are steeped in a fascinating history of ancient empires and dynasties, wars and diverse religions, and the east-west trade routes, all of which have had a lasting influence on the culinary cultures of this vast and turbulent region. The book by award-winning food writer Ghillie Basan chronicles the foods that you would encounter should you travel these ancient lands – they are the recipes that have truly stood the test of time. Recipes include small mezze plates for sharing; meat, poultry and fish dishes that indulge all of your senses with sumptuous aromas and flavours; vibrant jewel-bright salads, vegetable dishes and grain bowls, and lastly sweet treats and drinks influenced by the opulence of the Persian and Ottoman courts make the perfect ending to your Middle Eastern feast.