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We love beautiful things from around the world. We find them and bring them here to our shop in Hebden Bridge. We hope you will love them as much as we do.

Come and spend some time in Hebden Bridge, visit our shop, see the hills, walk along the canal, have a meal. If you’re not able to do that right now, come and have a browse in our online shop.

We don’t have all our products online because Eric’s got a book to write and can’t deal with the extra work. But, we do have a selection of nice things. Follow us on Instagram to see new stuff as it comes in!

Eric & Kalwa

Back after popular demand: geometric compositions for your home. I have them industrially painted in any colour and finish you want. Made from laser cut MR MDF: very high quality. Global shipping.
Interested? DM me or come to the shop.
(Yes, those are gravestones, we live in a chapel).
#islamicgeometricdesign #islamicdesign #interiordesign

Now customers are bringing me presents! Stroopwafels (on account of my Dutchness).
No, I don't put them on a mug of tea, unless they're fresh. I nuke them in the microwave for 10 seconds (although this can cause stroopwafel juice burns).
My high-school was next to a stroopwafel factory. They sold us sandwichbags of stroopwafel off-cuts.
#stroopwafels #magicofretail

Turns out customers like jewelry! So, we're expanding our offerings. On display here, things by @the_botanical_jewel_ and @wearehamzah

A peacock situation on the way to Hebden Bridge this morning.
#peacocksituation #peacock #rural

Quick publicity shot in front of shop for a thing I'm doing for the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar next week. After trying to take selfies, I had to ask a customer to take the photo! ...

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Hebden Bridge: It's Great!

It’s been called ‘the greatest town in Europe’ . Come and visit us, check out the cafés, restaurants, shops and the great walks around the town. We’re near Manchester.